The Beginning

James B Crawford of Hawkhead Bowling Club was the inspiration and driving force in establishing Indoor Bowling in Paisley. Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club willingly provided advice and encouragement at this time.

Bowlers who play the indoor game on greens similar in size to the outdoor greens are indebted to the pioneers for establishing this popular indoor sport. It took considerable courage, foresight and application to achieve their objective. Stadiums had to be built or converted. Their success has been confirmed by the establishment of no fewer than 51 clubs in Scotland as well as many in Englad, Northen Ireland and Wales.

The following, therefore is a record of how Paisley's "Pioneer" James B Crawford achieved his success in establishing indoor bowling in an area when many bowlers were of the opinion that he would not receive deserving support. History has shown the opposite to be the case.

The Site
With the assisance of Paisley Burgh Council the present site at the old Greenlaw Goods Yard was obtained, measures were then considered as to how to raise capital on the project.
Looking at the plans are the Club's Directors
L to R J.B. Crawford, R Craig, J Hopwood, W Urquhart, J H McFarlane
Formation of the Company

A Company was formed to be called Paisley Indoor Bowling Club plc and Directors appointed. The Directors present at the first meeting held on 21st December 1970 were:

James B Crwaford, Robert Craig, James Hopwood, William Urquhart, John Buchanan, John W Millen and John McFarlane.

James B Crwaford was appointed Chairman and John H McFarlane was appointed Company Secretary.

The Company was launched with a share capital of £60,000 and a further £10,000 would be received from Paisley Burgh in the form of a loan.

Ercection Cost
James Y Keanie of Johnstone was given the contract to build the stadium at a cost of £70,385. The property is insured at present for £1,250,000 including architects fees, etc (approximatley 18 times the original cost).
Shares to the value of £25 eache were issued on the basis of two shares for men and one for women (£50 and £25 respectivley) to obtain membership.
Paisley Indoor Bowling Club
A Shareholders meeting was held in Anchor Recreation Club on 30th May 1971 to launch Paisley Indoor Bowling Club. This was followed by a later meeting held on 6th June. Both meetings approved the Constitution and By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.
Opening Ceremony
John S Smart, Provost of Paisley, performed the opening ceremony on 25th September 1971. Amongst the guests were:
  • Mrs Smart
  • Mr Andrew Elliott, President SIBA
  • Mr Norman Allan, Secretary SIBA

also Club representatives from Ayr IBC, Blantyre IBC, Glasgow IBC, Lanarkshire IBC, Prestwick IBC, West of Scotland IBC and Scottish IBA.

A match between Paisley Indoor Bowling Club and the Visitors too place.

The Director's aim has always been to provide the very best possible facilities for the members, and over the years there has been a continued policy of repair and development. Several illustrations are given:
  • Panelling the original briack walls with plywood 6" high and aluminium straps 4" high to improve acoustic properties
  • Re-siting the original kitchen to a larger area with new and better equpment
  • Extending the lounge area to incorporate the Crawford Suite, permitting an enclised and separate area for private functions
  • Boardroom and Secretary's Room remodelled
  • Snooker table installed into an area formely a locker room
  • Extension added for new locker rooms for ladies and gents
  • Bowling carpet replaced when necessary
  • New score board erected
  • Cameras sited at key points outside for security purposes.

Many other improvements have taken place. Thanks are due to all those who have willingly given their time on a voluntary basis in carrying out repairs, thereby reducing costs and benefitting all members.


Continuity of good bowling, friendship and careful guidance will ensure prosperity to the Club, and we should look back on the foresight and the dedication of James B Crawford who pioneered Paisey Bowling Club.

The link established with Pasiley District Council now Renfrew District continues with the presence of the Provost at our Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

Board of Directors 1971
L to R Back Row - J W Millen, J H McFarlane (Company Sec), R Craig

L to R Front Row - J Buchanan, W Urquhart, J B Crwaford (Chairman), J Hopwood, C M Bisland
Board of Directors 1996

L to R Back Row - D J Stalley (Company Secretary), R S McKean, D Love, J Riddell, J B Wylie

L to R Front Row - R Shaw, W Booth, J H McFarlane (Chairman), W Todd MBE JP

Committe of Managment 1971

L to R Back Row - W Drewette, J Millen, J H McFarlane (Sec & Treas), J F McGarvie, R Craig

L to R Front Row - R H Bowie, J Buchanan, W Urquhart (Vice Pres), J B Crawford (Pres), A J Laing (Jnr Vice Pres), J Hopwood, J MacDonald, C M Bisland

Committee of Management 1996

L to R Back Row - D J Stalley, H Williamson, W D Wallace, J Rodger, A Spiers, A Hosie, H Hamilton, W Kean

L to R Front Row - D Devoy, J T Robertson, R Brown (imm, Past Pres) H Adamas (Pres) J Moran (Vice Pres), H Blue (Jnr Vice Pres) T Johnston

Ladies Committee 1971
L to r Mrs A McRae, Mrs E McEwan, Mrs M Sloan, Mrs M Hall (Vice Pres), Mrs C Drewette (Pres), Mrs M Marden (Sec & Treas), Mrs J Hair, Mrs A Elliott, Mrs A McCallum
Ladies Committee 1996

L to R Back Row - Mrs M Coats, Mrs A Green, Mrs J McBride, Mrs G Cook, Mrs M Davies

L to R Front Row - Mrs B Louden, Mrs M Donegan (Hon Sec), Mrs S Clark (pres), Mrs M Borland (Vice Pres), Mrs N Dunlop (imm Past Pres), Mrs H Bobson